Manufacture laughters


its barrack Obama

jus sloppy. I wonder if the police give him a ticket for destraction. that would make you have a wreck.

i love Gina and Masi

Rednecks, rednecks everywhere...

I spy a sticker (this one is hard)

he's gonna get his friends games hahaha

this guys intelligent. he got it right the first time

what the firetruck

fuk yu crackers obama forevet

calm down dude

I don't think he likes Baroke OBAMA

I have 39,000 bumper stickers ~~~~~~~<======3

nice I like it

I think he's voting for mitt Romany

if u tht mad at barack..u just mad u dont have tht money!!!

holy talk about stickers

yup yup it will happen


lol them stickers gonna get his butt beat

what the heckkkkkiii

I need attention please

a little over board


Funny people on tredmiles

to much talking

cuz people think that he is weard

dam sticker much lol

to much stickers

I'm fucken broke

probably gonna have a bad few years too