Manufacture laughters

anus snack wrap?

and the other one is called

Eat ur own ass now come to micdowels to do so. LOL

I love mcdonalds I love the frys

like that time when dey wrote mcawraps iz der sopus 2 b an a?


erm pass lol :p

who comes to mcd's with me ?

g g g g g Angus

guess whos getting fired!!!

soooo funny

now i eat tacos!

that anus wrap looks good.

of coz de G stands fo gay! hehehhe

do you want to add fries

and a side of but cheek fries!!!!!!

wow..what planet did they come from...uranus= your anus

Yummy ! Ha ha ha

no freakin comment...

miss spelled angus dumb butt

ha ha ha so fukn boring

forgot the g

what happens when you let a blonde spell

ich wusste doch da ist was faul :-D

some gangster probly came and took the letters

It actually said Angus. Dumbass, photoshopped the sign

no more fast food for me!

wtf!!!!!! I don't want that snack wrap

now avilible

Talk about misleading

lol they left out the g

This is bad, this is BAD! This will make mcD close (who would eat that!) NOOOOOO!!!

With cheeze

this is a good one

angus? they probably ran out of space on that tiny *ss board

you smell funny please dont come in

jatin gothwal

That is descustin!!!

Ha who would eat that

queim tem num.?


bet it goes straight to your ass lol

try it.....awsum snak wrap....hahahaha

don't get ur

lmbo.. gross.

dont get it

who u can't spell

Typical McDonalds workers

who could eat that fat *ss

Thts wht she said

lol gimme yo anus bitch

Thats not even funny!

para la mari

liga maquiteria

чо ето вкусно

I did it for the lulz I did it for the lulz

wow the things thy giv a way lol

fun jokebox

They continue how to spell

MAN now I hav tah waight tilll D 6 grade 2 drop out & get D job!