Manufacture laughters

pobre loca se quiere matar

She fell straight on hard face

isso é que é uma traira.


also die im rote

i love you simone


not so good

dumm gelaufen;)

that's a fake

узбекчаси бор.

NOW THIS IS FUNNY:-) !!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!

that is funny I should do that LOl !!!!!

hahaha good job person I'm ciding

I would agree with aundn

Uhhh...poor girl..but she's really dumb...

mean.... :(

kommt drauf an, was nachgemacht?! entweder das auf fresse fliegen oder runtee gehen://

ببین کیف کن

sorry love Maddy

Tu bcd b FIH Y

OUCH!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(

she actually got paralized from the neck up. She is a vegetable now:(

thats got to hurt

hahaha wer macht das schon nach?!

ее узбекчасига йогми

ey ich hab des nachgemacht umd des war geil

ouch that has to hurt:-(

Ow that would

thats gota hurt

yay. i am totally gonna try that.

that is just stupid and wicked!!!

How does that grass taste

Ouch must of hurt

nooo...mancada .

she could have broke her neck

fuk ..she coulda broke her bk


sike, dont touch me

fucking funny

lol I did that to my friend before she ended up with a bloody nose it was so funny

warning... kids please try this at home

oh shit thts gota hurt

I would it's funny but I wouldnt to my gf

Who would do that

fuke you man


omg owe and lol

tweedle dee and tweedle dumbfuck!

best friends. that's what they do xD


mole chadella

gaby barcys

coitada... tomara q nao seja o namo dela senao ele é um homem morto. mas fala serio q engraçado

People with there dick

ဟား ဟား

exercise betrayal!! :p