Manufacture laughters

cabelo espetacular

hahaha super geil....

Twins! Look at the hair

я супер гадкий бешаный



que gracioso le dieron una corriente

its a kind of magic

so stupid but sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

LoL so funny but cute

their hair must be really staticy

it looks like a cotton ball or a ball of pollen

lol süß und ich bin 12

they are tired

those kids are rodiciulos

Lol! voll süß!

come sono karine

thats funny kool static

super saiyan five moment XD

talk about bad hair day

supa siyan!!!!!!!

that's not fanny l whose doing that

magic kids

я одуванчик


he he he he he

سكس بنات

terapi rambut

omg lol to funny!

how'd they do that

Tots editing but good job gravity lol funny


madharchod bache

having a bad hair day! luv it!

crazy hair day

meow meow these kids are rawr

What the heck


he he he !! ...


funny kids. video

Die zwei Süssen stehen voll unter Strom.

this is toooo funny

hahaha al witzig

Justin beaver happened here

Haha monopolies


what is wrong with their hair

that is rubbish

Lmao too cute

it's look like bird

да прикол

ha ha ha ha

Rock na veia mano! kkkkkkkk

not really funny

bang your head. metal health will drive you mad

what has happened to my hair

тпегриоьтвэ. пшик ядрурэ

justen boner babe

justen biber

watch dis babe.x

watch dis clip jun

Twins from the matrix :D

I thought we all need a laugh. ...right!


pooping kids

its like the twins from the matrix lol