Manufacture laughters

nossa isso é que eu chamo de fritar com estilo kkk

Well you guys keep saying there poor.Did u think they where in college you cant have ovens in there

carlos henrique

Haha wie lol

its a hamburger stupid

Sooooo getto

I guess ths 1 use the stove to iron clothes! isnt it?

yes good idea :-P

yyy? dobre??????

there may be clothing

quite a good idea

i like this way

fire hazard to the max


ladies and gentle men a good way to get killed

they must be poor

mes amis n ti tips quand zot gaz fini haha

stekjärnet havererade o va sugen på falukorv !

so fucking getto!

this picture gonna teach you a new way to make hot dogs

the hillbilly way

not a bad idea

Cala Calabaza


Thats so getto

yummy yummy

Como no se me ocurrio antes :-)

I remember those days LOL!


now thats ghetto fucking fabulous jack!!! lmao

завтрок настоящих мужчин

eae pelé vamos bater um prato kkk ...

num tem pobrema nois e a cara da riqueza! kkkkkk...

I'm cooking breakfast.

novo modelo churrasqueira kkk

bnmnnmn nbbjnhzprtuawq

jajaja para k quieres estufa

its cool :)))-

too weak! !

moderned kochen würde ich sagen....

Laurastar ??

in caso di emergenza