Manufacture laughters

олен картинка

that is so funny and that guys name is jerry

wtf? i wanna smack him

what's up with him

ха ха ха

ich würd dem man eine scheuern!!!

Hes like: *slap slap* oh im sorry honey! *thinks to himself: you deserved it bitch*

fff ffg b b c d e,

Idiot etot myshik .

haha he like slaps her 2times morw

that is not nice on scared now :(

theres dance classes ummm yeah

*slap*slap* focus Bitch. lol

quero ver bater em um homem

that's sum funny shit

*spin* bitch please!


Funny as hell !

lol hes having the time of his life x)

i'll slap the bitch up and shoot the nigga thats with her!


Follow MY lead

Budala i paprati nikad nestat neće!

sexy photo

haha he got excited lol

What The In The World? =-O

Yo after thos mf slaps the other nigga was bout to punch him dh

Q cara filho da puta! Eu se fosse ela revidava bater em mulher no brasil e crime!!!!!

tapinha num dói,só um...... tapinha!!!!!!!!!

what a slapdance

double bitch slap

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bbbbbbbb cvnj .nnnhghuzv vvvrcx b

alla fine capirà ?

Ohh a slap


che coglione