Manufacture laughters

I have a dollar on the fat one

another day at Wal-Mart..

Fat and The furiose

hola jajajaj

vroom vroom start your engines

race of you're life

Blues in the lead purples second white is in third cuz he has to much weight he should cut off his head

gpas so wierd

good thats how whales become beached

we are family even though were in wheelchais

Pa28k*** fuck you anyone who is not American sucks big balls

hah nascar in the grocery store

and red wins


wow guys dont diss americans! y do we thonk they r all fat? btw im english not american

too many fat people in this world

Fat ass.fat bastard and fat fuking whale

xb 0

pa28k*** does that mean fuck me :'(??

good God go granny'&'grams.... GOOO VIAGRA =-O..:-D

People are getting so lazy

dumm dümmer am dümsten

race you to the denture cream!

The lazy khunts who cant walk a trolley around >_< thats a shame

pa28k*** come over here and say that

fuck the americans

If y do this everyday....

the easy way to shop.


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