Manufacture laughters

Is the peanutbutter poop


OMG that is gross

ther is penutbutter codhdndhfnfjfuf

kkkk q foda

haha this is so funny. no wonder it always gives me the number2s

o que vc acha...pasta de amendoim...kkkkk

I don't like peanut butter any more

mmh...lecker Erdnussbutter!

a beafitul ma nn so cm si scrive

ers un caca vivi

lol:-) :-) :-) !!!

poopin penuts

всем привет

no wonder why peanut butter taste so goooood lol

sau cool und eklisch

I want some peanut butter

poopin penuts

i will never think of peanut butter the same. thank you very much. im scarred

jetzt weisst mann wie man erdnuss butter macht


ich muss scheeeiseeen

So wird Erdnuss Butter gemacht.

yan peanut butter

I don't eat peanutBUTTer

ay k sufrimiento

whats that?

مشاركه بالواتس اب

oh dear lord

any one for peanut butter fudge?

I will never be able to eat peanut butter the same again

This is how peanut butter is made!! Lol!

Even the pluger to and the littel latter to

That toilet is awsome

Who wants peanutbutter haha

I had no idea peanut butter was made this way

And that's how peanut butter is made! LMFAO

This is why I don't eat peanut butter!!!!!

like buttybutter

i hope everyone likes creamy peanutbutter

peanut makin peanut butter

ما في شغل

now that's what I call funny