Manufacture laughters

What if u say LIKE A BOSS!!!

oops honey there r no more rooms better take dis 1 >:)

he he he hu :-) :-)

hahaha like a BOSS

really funny

I need that '-'

This is me!!!

that is right. the boss is the king.

fuck de boss is he God? God,s may fire burn him

like a boss :-P

주차하면 해고 lol ㅋ

yah fuck ur mom !!

I belive thats my parking spot then lol

뭔 말인지 못알아듣는1인ㅋㅋ^^

lol fuck ur mom

shona kare jilmil jilmil

Go home.u fukin losers / dorks lol ?!

lol i need this

lol. my mom needs this

Lol my dad needs this

Thats Muahhhh