Manufacture laughters

You've really helped me untansderd the issues. Thanks.

watch how terrible this bird is to this turtle lol

omg that is so evil

animal domestique

haha geil aber schidkrõten ist mein Lieblings Tier

geh aus dem weg

poor turtule


haha der Vogel dachte die Schildkröte kann fliegen ich liebe diesen Vogel<3

I'm speech less

lol love the bird<3

pinche bird!!!

i wish that bird was killed

can't trust anyone!

noooooo Leonardo where are your brother's to avenge u

:o he is the evil!

lol poor turtle

thats mean i hope the turtle did not get hurt

RIP cute turtle :'(

tomorrow ye be an ashtray arrrr


that mest up

Dam, that's

Awesome look bad pork bird

shove i didn't do that

thats is step 1 to taking over da world

awe bad bad bird!