Manufacture laughters

worst picture I've seen in my entire life

I hope he doesn't breed

LARP gone terribly wrong!

that is a fail and gross

pasinho do romano

oh wie eklich...

ugly beast go back to the pits you cam from

crazy bitch

ugly beast go back to the pits you cam from

he's f*cking drunk he needs to stop

many he shod go to the gum

ecco il tuo sosia

супер герой нашего времени

I'm 9 years old stop cursing

That dude is naked and very drunk

gross i want to ask him what the fuck he was thinking

the fact that are people like him scares me

I feel so sorry 4 all the little kids out there that see this :(

MANEFACKER now im doomed for live

gross he needs to shave

well I'm fucked for life tks

ohje was machst da

I'm scarred

was ist das mann oh Mann Menschen gibs

that's just gross

ugly ass dude are ed to cock


dude! he'll be the next one to shoot up a public place.

o my god holly shight get some pants on

im so scared

Wat happen to Russel brand! !!!!!! :(

disgusting,gross, nightmarish,disturbing, shocking,ect.ect.

that... ...has scarred me for life