Manufacture laughters

hilarish,lol greate job

loooool typicsl dad on his day off

thats worlds best dad ever.

wow i like this

Like a real boss

the millionth household use of rope congratulations u win nothing but the condemnation of strangers

u are lazy but very cleaver


lazie as dad hes in the shade while the kids getting a sunburn

like a bosd

Hell naw. Lolololol

look I fell bad for that kid

this is so clever :D


I'm not a mom bit if I waz I would give him extra credit lol :)

moms say that's lazy.....but I'm not a mom!!!!! go dad!!!!!

lazy smart ass dad

ma daddy duz wors! He makez me to puss it! (°_°)

lazy much? lol

lol only LAZY dads wud think of that..

why don't my daddy want to push me, but instead sit on his lazy ass drinking?

why the fuck cant i thing of good things to do like that

a mother says....only a LAZY dad would think of that...haha but it is funny

he aint crazy he's a genius! lol

2 peg ocr with kids

not only crazy but also lazy....

Lol lazy ass

yeah and i like this..))))

Funnyer than me :D

hahaha..crazy dad of the world

you are latzy

Que tranqui

crazy dad .. more like lazy dad. lol

Papa Micele


this ist wierd

muy bueno para tomar un driks trankilo

only crazy dads would think of that....

I am not surprised that someone would think that to do!! I love picture!!

que buena idea