Manufacture laughters

hot tamales

und das jeden Tag

he has ocd idiots


there is a small difference! good eye!

I k like a good who is organized but not while we are shopping! its still funny!

lustig. hihi:)

thats a different one he neva tieded it ib tge 1st place

I think the candy is cuter than the dude BTW he resembles the Grinch

the guy must have CDO, its like OCD but all the letters r in alphabetical order AS THEY SHOULD BE!

he shouldnt work there he actually shouldnt touch it...its suppose to be in a pile -.-

he doesnt have a life, wait there for awhile kids will cum fuck it up

I'm done.

look at this junkey

there's one difference try finding it

mabye they switched the pics around so he messed up the boxes :p


Okay das not funny

no live dude.......

thts awsome he really should work there

Gotta get a sugar fix, and where else but WallMart to have a crap load of fat!

organize freak

ocd alarm!!!

wow he should work there

I like this guy.


nobody cares dude.... customers

he should work at Walmart

Candy anyone ? Dj :)