Manufacture laughters

i am getting your attention by this comment °^°



the fish says FUCK YOU

ha flying fish

aint no fishermanz kid :p

thats just sad

Hilfe der Fisch verfolgt mich

olha a coragem desse menino

the british are coming

XD So stupid

The day fish learned how to fly.

obiosley he has never ben fishing b 4

not funny just retaurded

na du hast Angst vor nem Fisch :-)

lol..tooo much hhhhhhaaa in my tummy!

ecco filmato di archivio il piccolo GINO. a 9 anni alle prese con là pesca de MASCULINI

evil fish get away from me

the fish says I am going to eat you

ahhhh, a scary fish!

a Pinchi morrillo

what was e trying to do

so hikarious!! lol

FISH- "no come baaaaack!"

run kid , and don't stop

kkkkk....tadiinho do minininho

fish: obviously you never studied momentum stupid kid. you swing the pole around, and I fly right at ya!


الكاتب المصري


I got it I got it Nooooo it's got me it's got me it's got meeeeeeee

wth and wtf

go away fish ...your drunk

hahaha lol! so lustig

omfg so dang on funny

omg, this is funny


this better. not be my son when he's older but funny

run kid run cute

rin kid run

amejing funny......

haha im mai wird wieder geangelt ^^

aaahhhh it's following me!!!!!


haha fishie

soooooo funny!! He's scared of his catch!!

hihi funny and cute ....

Go away fish

Hahahaha its so halarious

its annoying when these are supposed to be funny but someone ruins it by making a hateful comment

it could be dangerous to catch a fish

물고기 불쌍하다ㅠㅠ^^

meri machli mujhe hi khane chali

J o s e F R A U

Ha learnd u.own leson bitch

da fish is likt dance montherf**ker

fucking stupid

pega ele peixe

the fish almost got him:)

how cute hahaha

lol so funny

Forrest gump pole dancing

ang kulit. .hehe. .

물고기야 왜 애를 계속 따라다니니~~

how would you feel if something strange flopped it front of your face you never seen before?

dumbass boy


är det du på fiske äventyr?

kid scared by hisown fish

look! its behind u!hahaha...

omg that fish is small!!!!!!

ha stupid kid

Lol stupid kid




child gguru

Man this so funny I am crying from laughing so hard

kid gets scared of his fish


nackte frauen


angry beard

who's chasing who

corre corre


haha he throws his pole on the flor

I'm gonna get yah I'm comin'

hahaha stupid kid!