Manufacture laughters

i dont get the green one is it dont pee their

stupid moose

can anyone please tell me what this means I want to laugh

damit I peed there once ...;-)


this sign is applied once a year! 4 xmas!!! lol..:p

afffffff p :)

what the heck

abecrombi & fitch

man: DAMMIT. I must b on Canada...

dq183: hey moose! you are the funniest thing about this sign! haha

i'm a moose. and i'm offended.

who would look at someones dick

I don't know the 2 one....don't pee on people???

funny so funny. They need one of these in norweigan.

whatim not gay

wtf the third 1

what does it mean? i cant see wats so funny

mickey mouse

only in canada would that sighn be necasary

ammmmmmm aceptable

мир туалетов

imagens engracadas

i just cant understand che za pragramma

Wow the world thes days



you have a text messege and your fit


hsqjf. b. uafdfzdfxvvJzi

what!! haha

Very funny:)


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