Manufacture laughters

that's an elephant

must of not been raised with his own kind......wth



now that's fat!! no lion will mess with her/him.?

he or she looks really fat

to much McDonalds :-)

quanto é grasso mamma mia



mcdonled is missing one of his animals lol

omg thats a fat giraff

I thoight dinasours were extinct

holy crap wtf is that

mister mucolo

q feeeeeeeiiiu kkkkk

Fucking draffe

and they say america is number one in obesity

OMG, a dinosaur!!

Been eating a McDonalds????? Its okbwe all do.

fuckn stupid

hahaha what he eat? :)

hahahahhahahah :-)

Great 1 about Mcdonald's haaahaaa,laughing my a** off.

it's great to eat the Toys r us kid's

mc donalds hits Africa

fat that's all I got to say

que es esto ?????