Manufacture laughters

haaa hah aa

lo mas recietes _

wow nice boobies...

Lol OMG! I would freak out

wow..........I feel stupid like that sometimes........

leave her alone dont be mean! !!!!!!!!!!!!

lol how did u do that its awsome and y isnt she falling down lol

смешные видео

there is glass under her feet and she moves like a spider monkey

videos porno

she very dumb

Lol..... Not

she side-stepped to a tile that already fell... Dumbass bitch


that would be scary

omg I would b so scared

haha...foolish lady

text mesage

She does not need to die u do

she never dropped the papers


scared girl haha‥‥

i wanna go lol

ja ja tanze

yes jump on the fallen 1 and not the others:-\

Haha hell yea

Chale que fuerte

Dios ???????

hahaha I. wish that idiot died. we don't need. her. anymore on this earth.


Deniel you are a schizoid for sure.

looks like she's still standing!

тип нт