Manufacture laughters

waaaoo...!!!!! HOW TASTY

приколы про животных

salva in galleria

hola quien de aquí es español

dummer Hund

jjajaj q gracioso

Smoking s bad

nossa esse já fumou demais

meu Deus té os cachorros q merda

lol omg voll behindert wer macht schon sowas

cUte puppy not good oner

Haha zie die peuk in de bek.

So what ya doing to his dog look like he high

du bist süss

olha como ser humano e idiota

this is lol

thats mean


das ist witzig

dir auch einen guten Morgen Meine. ..

that's just mean....:/

quem disse que animal nao tem vicio

Rauchen ist SCHEIßE

курящия жизнь

man ist die gut

man ist die gut


שלום, אני המורה לגמילה לעישון שלכם...


enak bgt g mrokok

erst mal eine rauchen


is he really smokeing

puppy turn up

poor dog :'(

You know you can are only allowed to smoke weed

I smoke evenwhenim I smoke even when I'm half sleep

kra kare adat se majboor hai

er ligt voll die verarsche

gum gum style

what. are. u thing. why. u do. this

smoking insane ko aisa kar deti hay

that's so rude


sa te ngjan

not cool!!!!!!

y would u put that in a puppy's mouth

I HATE WHO DONE THAT TO THAT little cute puppy A

i gotta stop this.


Its puffy!!

looks like he had a long

doggie abuse

so not right just for a pic