Manufacture laughters

thats funny

he sucks man....realy realy sucks

Omg. how did that happen? I feel bad for them. that will coast you a lot of time and $

this get featured on ifunny

horrible to clean up the mess

Well....... That sucks lol

Sllslsls, sl, sleeping KEKCM, W, C,TKSK KSLLLZ XLLE, SLLSLSL

global warming


he is way past fired

he is so fired.

hahaha der arme Fahrer

watch this shit you can go home...

do not com here ageing

when you're finished cleaning all that up, you're FIRED!

this isnt funny. thats thousands $ worth of damage

Girls be like

me too! lol

there's me .Dj Dawna . Lol

this is something that would happen to me . Lol <3 Dj Dawna <3

LoL he would have got into trobbel

ส้ม กะ โบ

uppss!!!! creo que es mejor que renuncie

la cago este weon