Manufacture laughters

Fat chicks need to be banded from fast food places

Jaa ich spreche deutsch

Joa gelitten würde ich mal sagen ne'

spricht hier irgentjemand deutsch?

ki bosta naum da pra intende nd

Im not goin in because ill be surrounded by toothpicks and i juzt had some chicken

mother your not allowed

I wish they would update this site more often

lol that would realy. be ofensive hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahafhahdhahahahafhaghhahs

haha gemobt

I hade to repost this this is so funny

ь л л о х о

Some fat chicks are prettier than skinny

what about fat dudes? pretty sure it should go both ways

ausziehen !!!

I would go to the nude beach with my boyfriend and makeout and my boyfriend name is kadin

aww mean so no fat guys then

haaaaa lol XD

no fat chicks

lol that's mean

Ha ha so mean

big girls do alot of things better. I would never degrade myself goin to a nude beach.

thats kinda mean

Only hot and fit

Lol funny but truth is some Big girls do it better

fuck u skinny bitches


don't wanna see that

your mother

fat chicks need lovin too

that funny.

Jaja that's wrong but funny!!!

Haha so mean

imagen de calabazas

Sorry Bobby hill

mirko cecaroni


Prohibido Pasar Las Pelirojas Guapas

Bebes Naturales

seasen panzas

what the fuck

Eem Ufuk beln

sorry never mind

cumhuriyet bayraml ;