Manufacture laughters

Muito legal!

cool but cute I like it


lol doggiez

lindo lindo

well you guys are screwed

ich bin verknotet

так мило!!!!!!

x factor...sum1 needs to stand in middle...


대박 이거뭥미??^^♥★

ye dosti hum nahi chodenge

thats talent

god save us

amizade eterna

Kerstin Gaschke

auw dt luks so cute

Oh yeah instagram

this is me lana you and yazmeen

Best friends forever

Elvira +claudio danke das du geblieben bist !

Forever friends <33 :)

It's a pure breed!

smart dog...

x marks the spot

x marks the spot

damn i wish i had dogs like that

blah u make me puke on these dogs!

X marks the spot


x marks the spot

into intsgram

x marks the spot

ohmm... ohmm.. I call on Lassie's spirit

are they traned