Manufacture laughters

Arltices like this make life so much simpler.

едет бутер на бутере

he hungry or naw?

Best bike ever

save me won

he will probely eat it in 1 go

wow burger bike hmmm he make me staving

American dream...

Yummie Harley Haha

that's cool


azazaza cool man

khily galebe

wie geil will ich auch machen

i want dat 4 my b-day;-):-);-):-)

ohh are you hungry♡♥

Are you hungry

q motoburguesa

do you want a diet coke with that

so fet sied er auch aus

reminds me of sponge bob

time to shake it off

not like sponge bob

you are a syko

next day later:this butrger

nice car dude

دوست دارم بخورمش

Бутербродный велик

needs a diet

want some of dat. lol

This Guy really has it going on. lol

vai um amburguinho ai

i would eat that anyday

que delicia

que delicia

I want this

no need to stop to eat in midlle of the highway just bite your bike how akwerd is that?

just like sponge bob

Best invention ever

hopefully he doesn't eat his transportation hahaha

Would you like fries with that


this reminds me of spongebob...

hey can I have a burger

wtf is dis shit!!!!!?????!!!!!?????!!!!!?????!!!!!?????


spongebob! is real

god bless america.... what have we come to?

like a sir.

Sunil s shetty