Manufacture laughters

ASS HOLES you are men so FUCK YOU

this is trolled

I need to do that

ist doch auch eine Toilette


так заходит девочка а там мужики сут!ХD хахаха

Haha sehr stylish:D

sehr gute idee das werde ich ausprobieren ;)

thats something to try

pranking time ;-)

i cant stop i just told my brother he fell on the floor

thee kwow cause stalls

I need to do that I need to do that

ok i never visit an open toilet again :(


Omg i can not believe u did that dude

you woyld notice there was more than one female bathroon

ouchies, my stomach... can't stop laughing

כאילו מה ההבדל בחצאית

justin bieber

omg I got to do that

playing dressup today....