Manufacture laughters

its funny and cute at the same time

i wasnt me...

don't blame the me it was the dog oh right


hahzhahhahahahaha that is so funny

yeah you got the fly. do you got the money?

Oh cutie pie

och der ist ja süß

och der ame

I love this dog

Lol love it

der arme hund

der arme hund ey

kkk tadinho

i LOVE dog

He's in trouble!!

the fly is gone

the fly is dead

lol so funny


now how do i get out?

I tot I saw a putty tat!


so do I get the treat or not I have been waiting till u got home


the face is so awesome

hay kai stop putting the same frickin thing in

a little help

hahaha I'm fucking dying now

hahaha I'm fucking dying now

darn thought it was a mosquito