Manufacture laughters

So ein goldigen Tierchen

zu süss um das zu tun

ох бля басым дотово темеки шегуге шамам жок

schon wieder ein besoffener Hund wo soll das nur hinführen

So verhält sie ein Erwachsener Hund

do not try this at home

Niga dont know when to stop

OMG! O My Goodness

aora si creo que me pase con las copas

aora si creo que me pase con las copas

I like soju.too...

lol. drugs. a. smoke



pour dog but cute

man mus der besofen sein trinkt der das auch

Bad boys on duty

verry sweet


pos ja me droga pa dprmir mal lol hahahahahahahah

mmm che buona la birra

hoje estou assim

th gf c.f. hot d Fgh k lol :-) c.f. munchkin bc cd and not james out'm Vhk gggggg(chunk

im drunk and high at the same time

dont ditrub

i don't find that funny

I'm tha badest

Why did it ever start doing this

Hallo mein Kind..

thats horrible why would anyone do that to a cute,poor puppy and i dont find it funny

awwww it's so cute

why would you do that to that poor puppy