Manufacture laughters

벌받고있는 개


hahaha so cute

Is he in the time out corner?

wawa nman:-(

i imagine him saying "stupid stupid stupid!"

too shameful to face anybody

mei nian jian ren

zalamany pies dziewczyna go zucila

da ist kein ausweg lol

Madrid Kap Prag Oleg quasi umüsse sich Wand Song so PS eh ein

stupid stupid stupid

not lol piktscher

Thats just like my dog

Was macht der daa????hahh XD

mais q bizarro

di Katze hat meine sexente weggenommen

fottuto bimbo

I am so .....pist off

someones having a bad day

er schaemt sich

er schaemt sich

no mistaking that he lost his bitch

thinking dog

Im in trouble

he must've scewed up bad

Dumped. I know how that feels

he's thinking

They says I can become anything So I became a goat