Manufacture laughters


volete fare un bisonino ??

all that for 1toilet :-)

17 pky toilet paper woot woot!

he must or she has a problem

oh ein Gott

I think he needs more toilet roll

uh i must go at the toilet

fun and fucking

i need more than that!

wonder who's bathroom that is

мммм зачем столько бумаги

Why left many tissue in here?

Dein scheisshaud


mucho loco

sicherheit geht vor

da kann keinen die rolle ausgehen

the many of but the many of the paper b**** ass

lololololo olololololololololo

lol which storm?

poo+wee= bog roll

wow alot of toilet roll must be a big storm lol

a bissel viel

you got 17 ros

wow is my mom going in there?

haha endless crap

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