Manufacture laughters

phahaha that's crizey pppppphhhhhaaahhhhaaahhhaa

....welcome! :) I flipped over but I'm ok!

This one is self exclamitory Hint:car in background

fuk u bitch

what is the defanichen of driving carefully

nos driver

or not carefully

hell what the fuck

really come on people that's what they have sighns for

woa wait! was that a sign! I gotta learn how to read!

erm,,,tu la nk tunjuk lagak kagi dgn aq,,,haha

lol he threw that one out the window


plz u dont ignore.

yet nearly any can get a driver's license.

now thats just stupid like seriously pay attention ppl

das triffts;-)

I think there being sarcastic

because the sign works.....

fim da linha

fim da linha

fim da linha

he/she didnt see the sign first, next it's fake!

totally Jenna when she is 23

What the fuck? A car is on the side lol

the sign spoke to soon

ha ha ha soo funny

Are u being sarcastic

what's the um for?

oppsite day

and that family knows who I'm talking about. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

i wonder would this happen if the sign weren't the? anyone else

signs are dangerous. :P

Ha problqby,paid to mucj attention to sighn not the road ;)

stupid Guy didn't. you. see the sigh

Oh u sed tnks 4 drving safly I tot u sed dont boder drving safly how &$%( of me

your very very welcom

hahaha..''!!watz dat?,,exibition?..

soooo funnay

should have kept eyes on road not sign! ironic isn't it

he did exzactly what the sign didn't say

Thanks. Thanks alot

you're welcome

your welcome

القاهره الجفره خط خطير