Manufacture laughters

Hey!!Do you want a die?!

que graça há há há há

twerk it girl opps I mean baby ;)

wtf was is mit denen falsch!?!?

hand ball and a foulnall in one

oh he wants to see that booty so bad!!

Vai corintinhas

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thats hilarious

I have the same pic exept he shits into the others face

ready to have sex

"I used to think u were I see your nutz" is 0-

Leave me or else I'll shit

You like my sexual moves haw

baby gorilla

previously on "dude you need to wax your ass"


lol lol lol lol

come here....let me see tht $&% lol

Gay OMG !!!

Lol i wouldve quit this job as soon as i saw my butt on national television :D

ooo!thats GOOT to be embarassing xD