Manufacture laughters

shoe of year

omg fuck u whoever done this to the poor rats u should fuck urself

die armen Tiere..

i would NEVER wear those


uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhuuuuu I need to vomet :o

ihh das is irgendwie eklig :(

das ist doch nicht geil wollt ihr mich verachen? die armen ratten OMG

ling Who You Breakfast

they dont own any cats

eu quero uma coca cola

WTF is that. are they gonna eat them or something

how disgusting eeewwww

Ugh I Ugh Ugh

Ramniwas Bishnoi

q nojo e q pavor urg!

altas pantuflas jaja

redneck style lol

wow , great shoes

great pair of shoes

lol echt geil

thats so nasty they look so real, i wouldnt wear them even if they were my only pair of shoes.

alda sind des jetzt echte tote ratten :-[

oh my god wtf

www that's nasty


they look so real lol

download scared the shit out of me

This year u get these for Christmas

realistic asf