Manufacture laughters

Son of a gun, this is so heflpul!

For what he make a foto of dog **?

kkkkkkkk,duas caras

haha dog is not sure that

ate meu trasero e melhor do q eu.

wjsocm che bel cane Cafè a te

ho visto Matteo lol

два ди била это сила

don't talk to worng side

hey butt face

give me a kiss

esse é duas caras kkk

pfui deibel


See he was looking around for something so I said that

where my brother go??

hopefully something doesn't come out of his "smile."


Ha Butt Face


Das ist lustig


cool, super!!!!!!

мега собака

mama que guapo

geil wie lustig

wer ist das

das Wetter is ja wohl für'n Arsch

Jaja muy buenaaa

thats not a pretty veiw

looks like the lion from Madagascar

hahahahahhaahahhaha so funny a bot of dog is a face af a peple


que. brego. nome. anita

men u 2face

lol funny and gross what the crap literally

chester cheetah careful that aint cheetos coming out

I hate all of you!

lol too funny ^-^

חחח נחמד

Lol and ewww


dad ist mein hund

винни пух

винни пух

винни пух

it's is very funny picture

coole brille

Up but with sunglasses

2 face dog.

lol my cuzo dog just like that

echt cool

I see yours but DO you see mine.

haha priceless

dein Gesicht und dein arsch sind zwilinge

das ist geil

look you Good

Eww and cool

Don't laugh at my ass!

that is so funny!! LOL but wrong.

butt crakke

like if you see

jb06p*** are u french

haha. I saw a pic where someone drew jesus on his but the brown bit! It gross but cool! Ewwww.

Antes que te olvide

wow! a two headed dog.