Manufacture laughters


troppo epicoooo

mexe com migo pra ver

Sergeant. beaver

Vou mete bala.



aber schnell

cai dentro porra!!!!!

vai encarar?

Guardia Zoolofica

te voy a matar

A to el que me mande imbitaciones de juegos en facebook le doy plomo Repito le doy plomo

Shoot them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jo dar gya samjho mar gya

Good morning all friends

time for the gays to die

Eskilo matador

booooooooooooooooo! :-)

preparado para guerra

tirem as triança da mata

die planen da was :《

Vai me dar chocolates ou nao?????


cuz there iz no rule that says i cant

why would put ur number out there

:-P 334-327-1591 my bad the first was wrong

who wants my number its 334-216-1591

i got the gun

para capa do f

Ready for war


lil buddy ready to turn up!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO GMFBF

isso e p ela

hamster of south central los nigga my nigga


Hamsta in action

i'am so tough


target is approaching

всем кранты

идёт на войну

this pic is so fuckin funny:-)

урааааааа вперёд


accort ca cest t spar

hi jamie robert roy. love to see you here to day happy new year.did you know now it is 2014?

Os ratos dai

мама мкмк мкма мама мама мама мама мама мамк мамк мама

estou pronto.

look out... its the killer watch

killer Hamster


конь кобежка

payo pedie kendak aman sekalini dingin dak dpt makan.

mag maoy ko krn!!!!

Ahhhhhhh the killer hanster hes was all killing ahhhhhhhhhh

vai encarar!!! rrrrrr

He's Protecting his nuts that are inside him

time for war

this sh*t got real

cosa dite ???? ma succhiatemelo!!! ^_^

avanti marc

kleiner Krieger

yeah thats right lock and load

lock and load

yeah thats right lock and load

cccc nnhgdeaa,°c?/58,,

, xdfvb .o

vcdds as bbmm mm.

bv dsgb , xxv vb

re-bunk hgdccmmp

look. at. this.

all right were is my daughter `s boyfriend

this calls for war

can I be in the army

wuts mine is mine

Oh well go the dynamit Oh well boom goes the dynamite

stolzer krieger


Vorsicht ! ich schieße gleich

nazi aaaaa

Que onda wey!

steven als tier

un sicario

в армию таких надо

squril fight

я пошло на войну,!

q morrer??vem nii mim


so cute! I'm a little crazy for animals with guns and outfits.

ahhhhhhhhh ratatatata

eu vou te matar

Ek ek ko bhoon kar rakh doonga!!!


Este esmi fiel guardian

esayas afewerki

Uważaj bo strzela...

*im ready for groundhog day*


I surrender

It-shirts funny

i may be fat,but i can kill

kon saa badmash hai

lock and loaded

cuidado formigas

Fui contratado pela coca-cola quero ver entra rato aqui agora

now were is that dang cat at

that is so asome

я на войну

kaha gaya n.modi aaj bhun ke rakh donga...

Chisholm binh

sab khatam kar dhunga...


l q c mueve pierde hahahahaha


bring it cats

Ready for battle


bad ass!!!!!!!!


this is for the mice

too tao calma

that is so adorable

you got a problem

cod of duty

the chip junk will take over

like vh gcfgccgfttfdsgdybfdgdxfgbdrfgdfxdfgry

kleiner soldat

First suck my nuts then seek them bitches!

smile and say I will die

Oh crap take cover

wtf i cant download it

Dont tride to escape, but you can try

now who stole my nuts


Fucking wierd rodent

india ki shan