Manufacture laughters

karishma kapoor



hahaha very funny!!

a bit dark here


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bla che schifo

hm. .richt gut

that's nastey

digging for some poop

Drop it drop it low girl drop it drop it low girl yeah drop it drop it

A little dog doing a big 1 Wow Lol

no I can not hear you

вот это да так красиво

nice very nice can't belive just like mineHAHA

smelling to deep!!!!

the little dog must have something VERY important to tell the other....

found your head


ich muss mich verstecken

como es pisible q pongan eso :(

asqueriso pere divertido

gfffjdrhcdyhcc gjgfghhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thnk he lost somethng~¡~

como e possível era só para cheirar

ich habe unseren Chef fotografiert!!!;-)

wonder what he's looking for

imágenes de perros

cute but really weird in some way anyways its really super duper cute

lol this picture is lol

kannst du mich jetzt hören

lol so wrong!

butt smelling lvl: expert

im speechless

is that do trying to lick the ass

whatttt !!!!!!!!!! :-)

hello any one home say somethin jimmy hahaha lol

ye kutty ki gand chat rahi hai



he is going to get shited on

Why is he in his ass