Manufacture laughters

Natasha e ai como e que ta ai

fritaro meu mano

ciao che buono! sembra il mio

dit is de reden waarom ik geen ei eet

that's soo mean

awww that so sad

olha eu Antes!

jimmy du fehlst mir ! :D

lololololololololololo x)

that's so sad... hahahaha!

ok thays crule

Jimmy Answer me please!

Вы все дол(<3) <3 это смайлик сердце.

класс!!! )))


ohhhh der arme

el pollito pio

клас! класс!

jimmy ohh no....:(

not even funny ..

poor jimmy he now something delious

ahhh so sad.

so sad but not finny

oh the poor!

вы все дол

Hola bebe aces

ppe dimevalo

jimmy antworte mir bitte

jajajajaja Xa

the little chick thinks that's his brother.that's so sad.

I fill sorry

mencari saudara kembar...


can I eat jimmy

this is so cute :–*


ahhhhhh that's so sad but funny

jajajaja que chilero desde guatemala xD

...this ruined my day

i have a fried cousin

i konw that u love ur bro

pollitos con frases en español

look sandra for you

Only Vegans Have Pure Hearts And Are Guaranteed A Mansion In Heaven!

I'd eat the live one how it is

och der arme

jajaja jimmy contesta estás ahí...!

Das Leben ist gefährlich

buenos días chiquita ten un excelente día

ohh wie süß*____*

U killed him

im the only comnent dude