Manufacture laughters

I scared woof

he looks like batt maaannnnnn!!!!!

ahahahahahahahahahahahha ogm ke karino

This bitch must know da sluty boyz lol

He is on a mission in disguise

Achtung Spion unterwegs


der arme hund

drop the bacon, & no one gets hurt

help ghost. helpppppppppppp...

куда вы меня привезли Я хочу знать

am I in candas

I just came from my theripist they said dis is how I get girls without showing my crossed eyes

dont be shy

we''re am i

im in a paper bag

Nother mined you sunk You pes of sit

can't see me

I'm too ugly to look at!!!!!

there's my shoe!!


no!! do not look at my face or you will die

give me the money now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boooo up can't see but I'm a dog under this mask