Manufacture laughters

Why do they have guns pointing at it

seu merda mesolta sel pulicia

Bope pega gatuno

다람쥐를 만지고잏는 사람

wats so funny?

stop police check plis

die gefährliche Katze, böösä

the cats claws are registered weapons

lol cat she werry danger


I don't get ii

little guys comments lma

this cat has guts

oh datz funny

lol au les pere


Gato delincuente

Hahahaha :D Die Katze hat eine Maus aufgegessen :D Das ist ein Verbrechen :D

that pic Is so funny

Que bicho é esse

stop in thw name of cuteness!

the cat is dangerous

that cats claws are not registered

Put the pows

r they for real lol

Hahahaha drunk bastards its so cute I hope u guys doe

noooooobd fuucking S.W.A T team for a cat!!

freeze your on forbidden grounds please leave but pet the cat first

Sir, I need you to hold it right there

oh...!!very cute dog in thke..very better people!!just been for being

oh my god I better get the hell out of here!,!!

freeze u have just been arrested for being to cute

Even cops will stop to pet a cat

wat theft heck