Manufacture laughters

This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any artcelis on rehab?

hard worker

si e pietrificato! !!!!!;-);-);-):-):-):-)

ESOS si son hombres

tolle baufahrzeuge,he;)

African style

joo das geht ab

did the third piggy visit u?

ordnungsgemäß überladen!!! Lol!

I CANN Not see

like a boss

Με τετοιο φορτωμα , πως να κανεις πηδαλι?

salvar na galeria

gfhhtu hyuj

transport mal anders

i am so tied



вот ты токая

banchi megabe

Wie findste das?

meu deus kkkkkk

he has security

just goes to show how innovative & motivated some people are... while others are so spoiled

bro, u went too far

ويستمر البناء في سد النهضه الاثيوبي

not true or the bricks would fall

where did he go

that would be so hard

todavía le cabe uno mas