Manufacture laughters

wow that sign is such a genius!

No mr. sherlock its a hurricane

that's no flood it's a lake

I can see that. Thanks useless sign!

good thing dat sign wuz dere if it werent i wouldve drove into some water...

wtf it is write there

how stupid do u think we are

thanks a lot Sherlock

lustig hi hi hi

how did you know?

what Flo od

maybe the sign prodicts the future

You don't'd you figure that out...

what would we do without you Sherlock


what flood? :P :D

Maybe if they remove the sign the flood would go away.

na there is no flood there lieing

thanks tips

ummm.. i think we kinda.. see it. :p

omg lets go swimming

no shit Sherlock

the signs a little late

I think bitches