Manufacture laughters

украинская мова вперше

that is sick

Quer dizer daora

ok.. that's gonna be hard to unsee....

видно в цій місцевості розвилося багато зоофілів

Are there no girls/women no more to fu*k? Nasty guys eeeuwwww


man I was so looking forward to doin tomorrow

ITS A ANGEL......I think


Follow the rules of the law

No cow fucking

ok I wouldn't any way can't dont have s dick and wouldn't if I did

ke granjeros

often lot did u

qir haben einen Lehrer der fickt auch seine schafe

Plz after this leave me alone, i cant take this

fuck my life is ruined

it's not a lamb retards gosh it's a Pegasus...a hoarse with wings but no horn

omg it looks like hes humping the Lamb who in there right mind would do that

Who rapes a bull

hey foo what time do i go in tomrrow