Manufacture laughters

I'm relaly into it, thanks for this great stuff!

god loves everyone

as this asshole hates America so much, send him to Afghanistan where he will have more to agree with him

boo fucking Hoo its offensive.

Does that mean god hates my friends?

That is a stupid picture god loves everybody and the word fag is slang so find the proper term you idiots.

God is good all the time God is good

not completely for or against gays

I am a girl so

cutie in gay shirt

this is really offrndive take it down

homophobic asshole should be shot in de face

xsg7d*** is right GOD IS BEAST

lol that mean but funny lol

its the westboro posse. they hate everyone and everything.

Thats not fukin true


I know your gays!

who even put that picture up?!? god loves everyone

those god freaks are gonna end up getting hated...and i will laugh.

that's not funny

GOD doesnt hate anyone he loves us all even if your gay

gay people. sounds like Dillin

Not really funny...

Get de fuking shit into hel

God wud never laf

Denial shum dies god splits his sides

Fuking retarded sickos god likes fags more dan he likes u

I saw dat in graffity

god don't laugh :(

not funny bitch